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Tailored Solutions, On-Demand Pricing

At CarbonSig, we understand that every business has unique needs when it comes to carbon accounting and management. That’s why our pricing is tailored to fit your specific requirements. To provide you with the most accurate and cost-effective solution, we offer on-demand pricing.

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Tailored Partnerships, Unlimited Potential

Quantify Carbon Value and Outshine the “Green” Hype

Welcome to SIGseeds - an empowering program for forward-thinking startups that are eager to make a quantifiable environmental impact. We provide free access to the powerful Carbonsig platform for 3 years enabling startups to rigorously track attest and communicate the embodied carbon in their offerings.

Startups can sell the quantified carbon value of your product instead of unverified “green” statements.

Greenwashing — the buzzword that has sadly become synonymous with empty unverified “green” statements. What if we told you there’s a way to genuinely differentiate yourself in the sustainability market boost your brand reputation and give your products a competitive edge?

Benefits SIGseeds program

Access the Power of CarbonSig

Gaining exclusive access to the CarbonSig platform means you can accurately measure the carbon savings achieved through your products and services. This transparent demonstration of your commitment to sustainability isn’t just impressive — it’s transformative.

Start Selling Carbon Savings

Startups like yours can unlock an untapped value proposition for environmentally conscious customers. They’ll no longer have to squint at your carbon savings CarbonSig makes it quantifiable attestable and communicable. And the best part? Your customers can model their carbon footprint using your CarbonSig attestation for free.

Boost Your Product Offering

This isn’t just about reducing your carbon footprint — it’s about redefining it. Use the ability to add carbon credits to your products to offer reduced zero or even negative carbon declared products. This tangible demonstration of sustainability gives you a sharp edge in a world that’s actively shrinking its carbon footprint.

Uncover New Market Opportunities

With SIGseeds and CarbonSig on your side you’re no longer just a startup — you’re a carbon-conscious market innovator. This not only attracts customers who prioritize sustainability but also opens doors to investors and partners who value carbon reduction as much as you do.

Benefit from Collaboration and Support

At SIGseeds you’re joining a vibrant community of startups and sustainability experts. This collective fosters collaboration knowledge sharing and problem-solving ensuring you’re supported every step of your sustainability journey.

Enhance Your Brand Reputation

Leveraging CarbonSig elevates your brand image from merely ‘green’ to ‘green and verified’. Demonstrating your commitment to measuring and reducing carbon emissions earns the trust and loyalty of environmentally conscious consumers.

Your Journey Starts Here

If your startup is all about making a positive environmental impact join SIGseeds and unlock the power of quantifiable sustainability with CarbonSig. Contact us at and embark on your journey towards a quantifiably greener future today.

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Please provide your contact information and a overview of your company, and we will reach out to discuss further partnership opportunities.

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