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Our Features

Everything you need to get your carbon management journey started

Start Your Carbon Journey

See, Understand, Manage, and Share Your Carbon Footprint with CarbonSig

Digital twin builder

Recreate your value chain and/or production pathway

Allows to create detailed replicas of any product or service, benefiting from customization, ready-to-use templates, and scalable solutions to meet diverse industry needs.

Carbon Data Integration

Populate the system model from multiple sources

Enables seamless aggregation of crucial emissions data, leveraging authoritative databases, direct supply chain engagement, and sophisticated emission factor calculations to enhance accuracy and compliance.

Product Carbon Calculation

Simplify emissions quantification and generate certified Carbon Attested Products (CAPs).

Simplifies precise emissions quantification, the generation of certified Carbon Attested Products (CAP).

Verification and Attestation

Bolster credibility with third-party verification and attestation.

Supports 3rd party verification of carbon intensity calculation and issues CarbonSig's attestation


Features allowing to improve your corporate CaRMa

Explore the comprehensive tools CarbonSig offers to help you manage and reduce your product-level carbon footprint.

Product Insights and Analysis

Gain unparalleled visibility into carbon metrics for targeted reduction strategies.

Offers unparalleled visibility into carbon metrics, identifying emissions hotspots, sources and the entire value chain's impact for targeted reduction strategies.

Modeling and Management

Model carbon flows and 'what if' scenarios for effective planning and action.

Provides dynamic scenario planning and decarbonization tools, allowing companies to explore cost-effective and advanced emissions reduction pathways.

Sharing and Reporting

Share your achievements with stakeholders to foster transparency and compliance.

Enhances transparency and communication by facilitating data sharing with internal stakeholders, customers, and regulatory bodies, and simplifying the reporting process to verifiers. 

Sites, Roles & Responsibilities

Streamline governance and workflow management across your organization.

Streamlines governance and workflow management, ensuring efficient and accountable sustainability efforts across the organization.

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