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CarbonSIG platform revolutionizes carbon management by offering a comprehensive suite of features that empower businesses to accurately model, analyze, and reduce their carbon footprint.

With CarbonSIG, your journey from corporate-level carbon accounting to intricate product-level analysis is a path marked by continuous data quality improvement. Each step builds upon the last, transitioning from a broad overview to a detailed, accurate representation of your carbon footprint. By using CarbonSIG platform, businesses can achieve a deep understanding of their environmental impact, driving meaningful carbon reduction strategies and strengthening their sustainability credentials in the marketplace.

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Our Mission

At CarbonSig, our mission is to lead the transformation towards a sustainable future by providing an innovative, transparent, and reliable platform for measuring, verifying, and attesting carbon footprints across entire value chains. We are committed to empowering businesses to not only understand and reduce their environmental impact but also to inspire global trust through verified carbon accountability. By fostering collaboration and transparency, we aim to create a world where sustainability is at the core of every product and service, ensuring that every choice made by businesses and consumers contributes to a greener, more responsible planet.

Our Vision

In a world where sustainability is more than just a buzzword, CarbonSig envisions a future underpinned by “carbon attested value chains.” We believe in a transparent global ecosystem where every product’s carbon footprint isn’t just measured, but attested to and made publicly accessible. This isn’t merely about accountability; it’s about weaving carbon consciousness into the fabric of global trade and consumption.

At the heart of this vision is trust. By championing verified, immutable carbon footprints, CarbonSig seeks to ensure that consumers, businesses, and stakeholders can trace the carbon impact of a product, right back to its origins. This transparency not only allows for informed choices but drives industries towards more sustainable practices, fostering competition in carbon efficiency and not just price or quality.

Our Story

In the ever-evolving landscape of environmental consciousness, the inception of CarbonSig was sparked by a very specific yet expansive need. A Fortune 500 company, striving to make a significant difference in its environmental impact, sought a way to meticulously calculate its product-level carbon footprint, not just within its operations, but extending across its entire supply chain. It was a tall order, and their extensive search for a solution was met with disappointment as the market offered no such comprehensive tool.

Enter Carbon Finance Labs, an innovation hub known for crafting solutions for intricate challenges in the carbon finance space. Recognizing both the immediate requirement and the potential ripple effect of such a platform across various industries, they embarked on a journey to fill this gap. Their mission was to create a tool that could seamlessly calculate, verify, and attest carbon footprints, ensuring credibility and transparency at every stage.

The outcome of their relentless efforts and expertise was CarbonSig—a state-of-the-art SaaS platform designed to empower companies in gauging and reducing their carbon footprints, fostering an era of genuine, verifiable sustainability. While its inception was to cater to a singular company’s needs, CarbonSig’s vision quickly expanded, aiming to revolutionize the way industries around the world perceive and act upon their environmental responsibilities.

Meet the Team

The CarbonSig team is a small, innovative group of dedicated professionals driven by a shared goal of transforming environmental sustainability. Combining expertise from diverse fields, we are united in our mission to develop cutting-edge solutions that enable businesses to accurately measure, verify, and reduce their carbon footprints. Our agile and dynamic approach allows us to stay ahead of industry needs, ensuring that we continuously deliver impactful, reliable, and forward-thinking carbon accountability tools.



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