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The Curious Case of Cats & Carbon: A Look at the Voluntary Carbon Market

As we delve into the latest data from the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM), a curious comparison comes to light – one involving our feline friends. Yes, you heard that right: cats. The size of the VCM, it turns out, is equivalent to the carbon emissions of all the domesticated cats in the world. This comparison not only offers a unique perspective on the scale of the VCM but also paves the way for innovative ideas on how to grow it, especially through platforms like CarbonSig.

Cats and Carbon: A Surprising Parallel

According to, there are about 600 million domesticated cats globally. A ZeroSmart articleputs the average carbon footprint of a pet cat at around 310 kg CO2e per year. When you do the math, the total emissions from all the world’s domesticated cats amount to an astounding figure, roughly equal to the current size of the VCM.

Meanwhile, the global cat food market is valued at around $30 billion. Here’s an interesting thought: if we were to increase the price of cat food by just 7% (or $2 billion), we could double the size of the VCM and effectively offset the carbon pawprint of every domesticated cat on the planet.

The Bigger Picture: VCM’s Potential

This comparison isn’t just a playful exercise; it underscores a crucial point – the VCM has significant room to grow. Presently, the VCM is a small slice of the overall carbon emissions pie. But the potential for expansion is enormous, especially when we consider linking consumer actions to carbon offsetting demands.

CarbonSig: Bridging Consumers and Carbon Credits

This is where platforms like CarbonSig come into play. CarbonSig has the capability to directly link consumer demand for climate action with tangible carbon credit solutions. Imagine buying a product and being able to directly contribute to a carbon offset project, with every purchase transparently tracked and attested through CarbonSig’s platform.

How CarbonSig Can Amplify VCM

  1. Consumer Engagement: By providing clear, verifiable information on product carbon footprints, CarbonSig can encourage consumers to make more climate-friendly choices.

  2. Business Incentive: Companies might be more inclined to participate in carbon offsetting if there’s a clear consumer demand for it.

  3. Transparency and Trust: The assurance of third-party verification of carbon credits can build trust in these efforts, encouraging more participation.

Conclusion: A Purrfect Opportunity?

While the comparison between cat emissions and the VCM might bring a smile, it serves as a reminder of the untapped potential in the carbon market. By linking consumer actions – as simple as choosing a brand of cat food – to carbon offsetting, we can mobilize significant resources for climate action. Platforms like CarbonSig could be key in making this connection, turning everyday decisions into powerful tools for environmental sustainability.

As we continue to explore and expand the VCM, let’s not forget the power of small actions, and yes, even our feline friends, in making a big difference.


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